OnBase – Business Process Automation

Work smarter by letting the system handle logistics and rudimentary processing

Business process automation is the practice of using computer software to assist a business with conducting its work. OnBase allows employees to work smarter by letting the system handle logistics and rudimentary processing, freeing users to focus on more high-value tasks and exception cases. The system ensures that work is handled consistently, and that items arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there. Employees no longer spend time figuring out what tasks they have to do. Instead, they can focus on completing the tasks given to them. Twofold provide this and offer the easiest to use solution with the fastest growing user base

Our process is simple

We help you to identify the various processes in your organisation that you want to automate and then create a model of those processes. This model includes the rules and actions that take place at various steps, allowing the system to control the flow of data and, in many cases, fully automate the process, completely eliminating the need for human involvement.

Many organisations start their journey in one of two places, human resources or accounts payable. Both tend to have highly-structured processes that lend themselves well to automation. For example, invoice approval in AP tends to follow one of a few well-defined processes depending on the source or value of the invoice. This makes it a prime candidate for an organisation’s first foray into automation.

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Start small and branch out

We believe projects are generally more successful if they start with a limited scope. You can establish some quick wins, and take the time you need to become familiar with the tool and the practice of automating business processes.

The best part about our chosen OnBase solution is that most projects can be implemented without writing a single line of code. This means you don’t need a suite of programmers on staff in order to make use of OnBase. In fact, with many of our customers, the business users actually handle configuration of the processes they use.

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