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Keep information flowing through your workforce

Larger businesses face challenges that can quickly get out of hand and negatively impact your profitability and complaince with regulations. If your data is stored on-premise, how do you back it up, and can your teams access it remotely? Are there multiple locations where documents are stored, and can you be sure which is the latest and correct? These are just a few of examples that businesses face as they outgrow existing document management solutions.

With document management for large businesses from DocuWare, you keep the information flowing throughout the workforce, allowing for accurate data to be stored, retrieved and audited – and accessed only by those with explicit permission, all as part of the workflow solution. If you’re having sleepless nights over security risks, GDPR compliance, and lost time over searching for manual documents, then look no further and get in touch with us to set you up with a free trial.

Are you aware of the full extent of what relying of paper-based processes could be costing your business? Speak to Twofold to discover:

How Twofold helps you go paperless

Twofold is partners with DocuWare, the leading document management software for small and mid-size businesses seeking best-in-class paperless solutions. With over 12,000 customers and 500,000 users, DocuWare has the experience and technology to deliver digitisation and automation tailored for your team.

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Your important documents in a secure environment

With DocuWare, you’ll drive employee productivity, and improve your entire corporate performance with critical information capabilities. This is importatnt for small businesses, but for larger businesses document management will provide even greater gains in efficiency from reduced labour and manual working time, realiable and retrievable information, and end-to-end security with an auditable history of document workflows.

DocuWare being used on an iPad

Collects and protects documents

  • Capture documents from scanners, MFPs, email, drag-n-drop from desktop and more. Automatically extract key data fields.
  • Protect every document with ultrafine access rights and state-of-the-art data encryption

Enforces business rules

  • Design workflows that precisely aligns with your business processes and monitor the status of any document
  • Assign tasks and alert team members with instant email notifications
Automate workflows with DocuWare
mobile phone access to workflows

Connect distributed teams

  • Instantly retrieve documents from one central repository to share, edit and annotate documents with high-resolution version control
  • Access information from any device, anywhere, any time with a browser-based client and mobile apps

Learn more about how DocuWare helps large enterprises

A document management platform designed for your teams

DocuWare is used by more than 12,000 customers across 90 countries. Customers commonly deploy DocuWare in the document-centric processes that drive the heart of their business, where speed, reliability and security are most important. Some customers use DocuWare with teams as small as two people, while other customers use DocuWare with thousands of employees.

flexible deployment of docuware software

Deployment flexibility

Keep the learning curve short with an interface built for day-to-day use.

Deploy your content services software on the cloud

True cloud availablity

Access any document with only a browser via the cloud. Any operating system, any device, anytime.

Docuware document management software integrates with your large enterprise IT environment

Native mobile flexibility

Capture, retrieve and store documents from your smartphone or tablet.

Secure content management

Secure data storage

Stay safe with best-in-class encryption, user access rights and multi-tier backups

How businesses like yours are suceeding with DocuWare

  • Accounts payable and other finance processes

    DocuWare delivers a best-in-class invoice processing solution that simplifies and expedites the entire process of incoming invoices with integration to your ERP. Customers also use the software in accounts receivables, legal, HR, facilities management, and more.

  • Contracts and proposals for sales

    Carefully organizing and collaborating on crucial sales documents can unlock a serious competitive edge when you’re able to send product information, estimates and contracts instantly to your customers without tedious searching.

  • Employee records and other HR processes

    Centralizing and securing your company’s employment records enables your HR team to get rid of archaic paper documents and start automating the manual processes that suck up their valuable time like onboarding, performance reviews, time-off management, and more.

  • Secure document archiving

    Inconsistent retention policies, unorganized shared drives and paper files do not protect sensitive documents. Customers use DocuWare to securely archive vast amounts of digital information to protect against unauthorized access or natural disasters.

  • Compliance demands

    Meeting compliance policies is a major part of every organization’s information strategy. DocuWare is built to support HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR and other significant legal frameworks that require precise access rights, retention capabilities and more.

Paying an invoice with a mobile device

Invoice processing

Break free from paper and data entry

For every incoming invoice, automatically record key data like vendor, PO number, taxes and totals, and more. Route invoices for approval with automatic email reminders. Never lose another invoice, eliminate fraudulent invoicing, and keep vendors paid on time.

Manage human resources with DocuWare software

Employee management

Every employee’s records at your fingertips

Digitise and centralise the HR records of every employee, including their resume and credentials, onboarding forms, tax documents, performance reviews, and much more. Enhanced with key HR workflows, it’s a complete toolkit for HR teams.

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