Customer & Employee onboarding

The moment of truth for your customers and employees is when they come on board

At that moment, you have the power to wow with simple, smart, intuitive, digitised interactions…or disappoint with a painful, manual, paper-based onboarding process.

Create a remarkable onboarding experience for your customers and staff with an onboarding solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service, and omni-channel digital interactions (web, mobile, paper – linking to any number of your back end systems).

Digital Transformation your procedures as you move from physical to digital onboarding by capturing process-ready documents, automating identity and other verifications, gathering e-signatures, automatically integrating with in-house and external systems and communicating in customer channels of choice. Make progress visible to everyone and escalate when needed to accelerate to closure and further optimise the experience. The impact of a good onboarding experience versus a bad one? A competitive advantage with increased revenue and share of wallet versus a disappointed customer who hesitates to invest more with you, lowering the customer lifetime value and your company’s reputation.

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Multichannel onboarding

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Digitally transform onboarding

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Eliminate forms, stress and delays and win peoples admiration.

In your pursuit of solutions that satisfy the market’s growing expectation of simplicity and convenience, consider this: you can now offer an onboarding process as quick and simple as asking your customers to snap a photo of their ID with the mobile device in the palm of their hand.

Power an Engaging Onboarding Experience

When you wow new customers with an onboarding experience that includes real-time mobile engagement, self-service and omnichannel communications, you create enduring customer loyalty and a competitive edge—all while ensuring compliance and automating due diligence.

Twofold offers a decade of experience in automating these processes with technology and software robots, giving us the ability to help you accept paper, emails, web forms, attachments, and mobile interactions. You’ll be able to integrate them all into your backend applications – any number of them, on any platform.

Our world class platform is used by tens of thousands of organisations across the world, so you’ll know you have a fully tested, and proven platform with the Twofold team ready to answer your questions when you have them.

Standardise your data automatically with RPA from Twofold Ltd


Digitise inbound or outbound communication; eliminate manual labour to increase operational efficiency and responsiveness.
Streamline business with Twofold Ltd


Remove latency and drive momentum in the onboarding journey by seamlessly integrating to internal and external systems.
Control risk with Twofold Ltd


Optimise for specific customer needs within secure guardrails that ensure compliance with a customisable solution.
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Set your business apart with superior customer service and omnichannel onboarding from the start.

Dramatically Reduce the Time and Complexity of Onboarding New Customers

Onboarding is perhaps the most critical process in the client lifecycle, as it sets the stage for the rest of your relationship with your customer—and can even determine whether a relationship begins at all.

Today’s customers increasingly compare your onboarding experience with those of popular online retail and entertainment platforms. And when you consider that since 2010, smartphone usage has surged by almost 400% and tablet usage has risen 1700%, it is not surprising that your customers expect to connect with you anytime, anywhere, and through a multitude of channels and devices.

If you email a document in at 11pm, you want acknowledgement of receipt and acceptance that it is correct at 11pm, no delays, no latency – just good use of technology that has been around for 20 years.


customer onboarding with Twofold Ltd


Use digital onboarding to rock enrolment

Modernise, digitise and personalise your customer and employee enrolment experience. With a streamlined digital enrolment process, you’ll provide a seamless journey from start to finish whichever device is used.


We are partnered with some if the world leaders in HR document management, supplying and supporting both Kofax and OnBase products. This means we are uniquely placed to ensure that you get the right solution for your business, providing a unique combination of mobile access, omnichannel document capture/extraction, workflow automation and optimisation, integration capabilities and analytics—across all channels and throughout the entire onboarding process. Employ automation that empowers users with self-service capabilities, thereby freeing knowledge workers to focus on more essential tasks and enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Key features and benefits

  • Automatic collection and identification of relevant sales order data
  • Order line item capture
  • Automatic validation of price, quantity and unit of measure
  • Allows for customer-specific logic and checks
  • Increased process control and full transparency
  • Earlier identification of errors and exceptions
  • Shorter processing times
  • Lower costs in the order entry process
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to optimised sales order processing
  • Enhance your HR Document Management systems

Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital world led by online giants like Amazon and Google, many businesses are looking to embrace a move into digital. Thankfully there are a range of digital transformation solutions from Twofold that can help ease this transition and saving you time and money.

Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom from Twofold can be deployed to solve a single department’s problem or to revolutionise your whole organisation. We deliver world-class solutions to reduce your costs, keep you compliant, improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Outbound Document Management

With ODM you can manage outbound communication with customers, enabling you to quickly and simply create personalised communication. You’ll be able to simplify and centralise the preparation of all your customer communications for your folder inserters.

Document Scanning

The latest in scanning technology and functionality enables you to do so much more than just capture an image. Documents can be automatically identified, scanned or digitised, then passed back through as an electronic document to follow the same route as an email, fax or e-form.


Our technology is designed to work in a way that works with your business. Some of our customers buy the platform to deploy department by department, others choose to solve one problem at a time knowing the technology will grow into a strategic solution that fits their IT architecture.

ECM -OnBase

ECM is an umbrella term that typically encompasses various technologies. Whatever format your business takes, from paper documents to electronic data streams, OnBase can capture it all. making it available from one central place.

Kofax Total Agility

As a Platinum partner of Kofax, Twofold have invested in the skills required to implement and support your Kofax environment. TotalAgility is easy-to-use for modelling, design, analysis, simulation and testing of processes.

Kofax RPA

Kofax RPA is the world’s leading process automation software solution, unique in its ability to give business users the ability to build a suite of applications without any scripting or programming skills.

Business Intelligence

If your business is looking to improve decision making, reduce costs and maximise efficiency, then an investment in business intelligence is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement.


Become efficient from first contact with your customers. Connect across all devices with intelligent eForms to provide fast service tranformation with flexible integration.


Whether your software is run locally or deployed in the cloud, Twofold has the ability to link to over 500 back end applications either with certified connectors, standard interface methodologies.

Kofax -Multi Channel Capture

Kofax delivers powerful, production level capture of documents and data from virtually any source, for example – scanners, mobile devices, websites, multi-function devices, e-mail, fax, web service, or folders.

SignDoc™ e-Signature

Leading organisations in banking, insurance, retail and many other industries worldwide now use SignDoc®. Reduce your operational costs, speed time to closure, improve customer satisfaction, stay compliant and operate securely.

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